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Social Media Management Signup Process

The process couldn’t be simpler! We offer a range of social media services (see our Pricing page for details) and after you select the particular service you require, you will be taken to a secure page on the GoCardless website (our payment processor) to complete the subscription process.

Once we receive your order we will send you a social media questionnaire to complete which asks for basic details of you existing social media accounts, some business background information and the tone you’d like your social media posts to take.

When the completed questionnaire is received by us, we will set -up your account and begin posting to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts etc.

The majority of our customers let us manage their accounts completely and never log in to their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ accounts once we begin our social media management program. However, you will be free, of course, to post your own updates if inspired too!

… and that’s all there is to it! We take care of your social media accounts by constantly posting interesting, relevant and on-topic content posted to them enabling you to focus on running your business.

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In a nutshell we can:

  • Write daily posts to your social media accounts
  • Create graphics and images to broaden the appeal of your posts
  • Engage in conversation with other users to increase your audience
  • Grow your audience by engaging other social media users with Likes and Hashtags
  • much more ...

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