Will the posts be original and handwritten?

Absolutely - and always will be! All the posts we make on behalf of our customers to the various social media platforms are handwritten by our professional copywriters and are 100% original and specific to each customer.

Will your techniques create problems with Google updates (such as Panda & Penguin etc)?

No! We are using social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook etc) in the way they were intended – ie’ to allow users to post interesting bits of information and status updates and build a network of interested parties. We are not creating fake profiles and spam and so there is no conflict with Google quality guidelines and the work we produce.

If we sign-up, is there a contract / fixed term?

No, there are no fixed-terms and/or contracts for our social media management. Payments are made in advance at the beginning of a month – should you wish to cancel, simply email us at support@socialmediaforbusiness.co.uk and request a cancellation and the service will then be terminated prior to the next payment date.

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, once we have produced the work it can’t be ‘taken back’. Therefore, we do not offer a refund policy but will work with any customer who has an issue with our service to resolve it swiftly and to the satisfaction of both parties. Fortunately, as yet this situation has not arisen.

When will I see some benefit?

It depends how you are gauging ‘success’ for the campaign – and this is something we will establish with you early in the project. Many clients simply want their social media accounts to be updated regularly as they know that all businesses nowadays should do this but they simply don’t have the time, or resources, to do it in-house: in this situation, results are, of course, instantaneous. If you wish to build a large following for your social media account, to whom you can market at a later date, this takes longer to achieve and would require our Advanced package whereby we actively engage other social media users to interact with your accounts, for example.

Can you write in ‘American English’?

Yes! although we are a UK social media management and web services company our writers are experienced in shaping their use of English to the appropriate demographic … should this be outside of the UK.

How can I tell you what we want after I order?

When you place an order for one of our social media management packages you will receive a questionnaire that asks some basic details about your business and social media presence. This will allow you to tell us a little about how you envisage your company being portrayed via the social media platforms. Of course, should you feel there are other important factors for us to take into account you can also email them through to your Account Manager once they have been assigned to your project.

What information will you require?

This will be contained in the questionnaire but is basically details/logins for your existing social media accounts (where you have them – if you do not, we can set them up for you), basic business details (what you do, your target audience etc) and the basic tone you’d like the social media campaigns to take.

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In a nutshell we can:

  • Write daily posts to your social media accounts
  • Create graphics and images to broaden the appeal of your posts
  • Engage in conversation with other users to increase your audience
  • Grow your audience by engaging other social media users with Likes and Hashtags
  • much more ...

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