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Don’t waste time thinking that you should be doing something with your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. Let our reliable team manage the day-to-day running of your social media. Let us write your content, get you more Facebook Fans, more Twitter Followers and drive targeted traffic to your website. You’ll be hands free! 



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In the business world of today, social media is an increasingly essential part of any marketing and customer contact. But don’t have to take our word for it, here’s what Google has to say directly on the topic:

Yes, we do use [Twitter] as a signal. It is used as a signal in our organic and news rankings. We also use it to enhance our news universal by marking how many people shared an article.

Not only is social media an important part of building a customer base but, as Google freely admits ,they are using Twitter tweets as a ranking signal for business websites – the same goes for Facebook shares:

We treat links shared on Facebook fan pages the same as we treat tweeted links. Like it or not, Google is watching Facebook Fan Pages for links, audience and interaction.

Google knows that if your content is good enough for people to share it on Twitter or Facebook, it’s also likely great content to rank highly in the search engines.

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In a nutshell we can:

  • Write daily posts to your social media accounts
  • Create graphics and images to broaden the appeal of your posts
  • Engage in conversation with other users to increase your audience
  • Grow your audience by engaging other social media users with Likes and Hashtags
  • much more ...

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70 million active users – 125% growth rate – 2.5 billion monthly page views


300 million active business users – 172800 new users per day – 3 million business pages


255 million active users – 500 million Tweets per day – 200 average followers per user


1,310,000,000 million active users – 72 million links shared per day – 26% of users click on shares


540 million active users – accounts for 38% of all social account logins – integrates with Google services

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